Leaked Audio: Amazon Personnel at ‘Captive Audience’ Conference Drive Again on Administration Promises

As employees at an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island prepared to vote on whether or not to unionize, the multinational corporation, which generated a record $470 billion in income past 12 months, has been ratcheting up their anti-union messaging.

Employees and organizers THE Town spoke with have claimed obligatory meetings with personnel to dissuade them from unionizing, as well as anti-union literature posted all close to the 855,000-sq. foot facility.

Dissatisfied with the company’s response in the early days of the pandemic, some workers started organizing all around increased wages and better function situations, utilizing social media to gain momentum among the mainly youthful personnel and provide insight into the day by day lives of Amazon personnel, THE City reported.

In an audio recording of a conference very last Tuesday at the “JFK8” success middle received by THE Town, an Amazon workforce staffing manager who identifies himself as Eric, together with an employee relations supervisor, introduced slides to associates on the “reality of dues and the subject matter of union everyday living.”

But Amazon’s associates faced skepticism and pushback from workers from the commence, with the meeting commencing with derisive laughter.

Through the meeting, when Eric notes that it is “against the legislation for Amazon to make promises or present you a thing like a increase in get to influence you to vote towards the union,” a single worker interjects, “Oh, we all know that’s not likely to materialize.”

All through the assembly, staff rebutted the accuracy of the Amazon representative’s promises.

The recording ends when a single employee repudiates Eric for “union busting.”

“If you’re heading to be disruptive then I’m likely to talk to you to go away,” he claims.

“So then talk to me to depart,” the worker replies.

“Please go away,” Eric responds.

In accordance to organizers for the Amazon Labor Union, the team led by present and previous warehouse workers, attendance at the everyday so-termed captive audience conferences are a necessity and have been developing for months top up to the vote, which finishes on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for Amazon, Kelly Nantel, did not directly reply THE CITY’s problem about whether the statements that the conferences are obligatory, expressing in an e mail that “It’s our employees’ alternative no matter if or not to be part of a union. It always has been. If the union vote passes, it will affect everyone at the internet site which is why we host normal informational classes and supply staff members the possibility to ask inquiries and discover about what this could necessarily mean for them and their day-to-working day lifestyle working at Amazon.”

An previously recording acquired by Vice in November 2021 confirmed a similar dynamic at do the job, with staff pushing “back versus management on what personnel claimed have been deceptive speaking details about unions.”

Beneath is a partial transcript of the conference, edited for clarity. THE Town is generating the overall recording offered at the connection earlier mentioned.

Amazon supervisor: My name is Eric. I’m supporting the Worker Relations Group. I’m a manager with workforce staffing, so I do recruiting. A little bit about myself. I begun with Amazon again in 2011. I was an affiliate just like you guys, and I had the possibility to encourage and relocate very a handful of instances. You’re going to hear from my associate Kayla.

Kayla: Great afternoon. Kayla, I am an worker relations supervisor and I have been with Amazon for a minor in excess of two months now.

Amazon staff: (laughter) Welcome.


Eric: Alright, so final week we unpacked the actuality of dues in a union lifestyle. This session demands a series to support unpack and provide info about the unions. So a quick recap of previous week, we mentioned the reality of dues and the subject matter of union lifestyle. As a reminder, the ALU …will consider dues from each associate’s paycheck. Typically, dues cost hundreds of bucks every single calendar year.

Additionally, day-to-working day challenges that are very easily solved with a easy dialogue with your chief nowadays can become additional time consuming and require the union.

So why are we below? (inaudible)…To go over what unions usually want in a deal and to fortify the value of voting. And I do want to incorporate that Amazon is not predicting any foreseeable future situations with this presentation, nor is this presentation intended to indicate that selected events will arise….

As a reminder, A person Staff isn’t just a slogan. It is a dedication that everybody will make to every single other and the ability of A person Staff that would make JFK8 a great location to operate. We can continue on to improve by doing work alongside one another right, openly and actually.

Eric: So, as we talked about final week, 7 days right before that, marketing campaign claims are not ensures. All the things need to be negotiated in collective bargaining. Some folks believe that the union digs in and all of the union claims routinely comes correct. It’s not that very simple.

When a union is elected, it just cannot dictate changes at Amazon. It very first has to negotiate with the corporation and it is named collective bargaining. The Collective Bargaining Agreement, or CBA, is a contract. This doc suggests it has two sides that have to concur to anything. So both of those the ALU and Amazon have to appear to an arrangement. That indicates none of the ALU guarantees can appear correct until Amazon agrees.

So past 7 days, we talked a small about union promises and we really encourage you guys to talk to how can they promise them. This concern of guarantees compared to assures is really significant. The very first detail you need to know is that the legislation does not give the organization and the union the very same rights when it comes to building promises all through the union marketing campaign. It is versus the law for Amazon to make guarantees or give you anything like a elevate in buy to persuade you to vote against the union.

Amazon Worker: Oh, we all know that is not going to occur.


Eric: And when it will come to union promises, there are no ensures. Unions can’t make claims to just about anything and they can only inquire as the process is termed collective bargaining. A union and a union promise can only take place if the corporation agrees to it, as their proper.

So what you require to know about collective bargaining: the enterprise and the union should discount in very good religion…That signifies that they have to agree to satisfy at a sensible time in personal and test to arrive at an agreement. The legislation does not say that they have to reach an agreement. They just have to check out to.

Both occasion has to agree to the other side’s proposals. The union are not able to drive the organization to agree to its demand. This is correct out of the federal regulation. Neither aspect can at any time have to be compelled or accept the other side’s agreement proposals.

There is no time restrict to negotiations. At times it could acquire months, even a long time to go into this method. From time to time the two sides by no means agree. The union will come to the desk with dates that it would like, union shop clauses, but the union store clause was (inaudible)…

So when a union store clause, and why the union questioned for it, a union store clause would have to have Amazon to fire you if you don’t want to join the union and pay back union dues. I will repeat that again. So a union store clause will need Amazon to hearth you if you do not want to join the union.

Amazon employee [interjecting]: So you’re saying that if individuals vote for the union, they are gonna get fired. Which is so erroneous for you to say. That is terrible. That’s a terrible factor that you’re declaring right now.

Eric: I’m just going to talk to that you hold any, like, opinions or inquiries that you have. I promise.

So the course of action in which the union can request dues mechanically deducted from your paycheck if you deliver prepared authorization.

Amazon employee: You should really be ashamed of oneself.

Eric: We talked past week about dues. Remember that dues are compensated by staff members and that is the only supply of cash flow or funding towards the requirements to pay out salaries and costs. These things may possibly not be everything you want, but they imply a good deal to unions.

So will the ALU priorities match yours? The collective bargaining can choose any negotiation. Often you have to give a very little to get a very little. And what is vital to you may not be important to another person else.

Amazon worker [muttering]: Oh my god, yo, I just cannot.

Eric: So, a union agreement could leave you with the exact points you have now, like getaway time, a parental depart, wages, wellness rewards, 401k for accidents, and means for dwelling. Or it could give you additional or fewer than what you have proper now.

It is crucial to try to remember that negotiations are normally a give and just take. To give some thing you give up one thing and here’s why they make a difference. What is significant to the ALU, may well not be critical to you. They will be inclined to trade your priority or just one of theirs.

Amazon employee: Which is not legitimate.

Eric: Your quantity just one issue can be amount 13 to somebody else or every person else. Or probably your issue isn’t outlined at all. Unions have to harmony the needs of the members. You have no way of knowing if your issue will occur or will be on the top. In deal negotiations, often you really don’t get everything you want. Neither facet does.


Eric: So what if the get-togethers just can’t agree to a agreement? If the events can’t agree to a agreement the union can contact a strike. If there is a strike you will possible be predicted to participate. You will not be paid out by Amazon throughout this time you are on strike.

Negotiating a contract, specially the initially deal can get a prolonged time, months and often decades. And through negotiations there are ordinarily no alterations to wages, benefits or operate movement. And what takes place when the parties just can’t concur to a deal?


So what if I really do not like the agreement for the union? Everybody is certain by the union contract whether or not you concur with it or not and regardless of whether you voted for it or not. With a union there are generally no such matter as a take a look at generate. It is not easy to vote out a union. So what does this suggest for you?

Voting out or decertifying a union after it has been elected is normally a lengthy and tough method. There are tons of policies that the Countrywide Labor Relations Board, NLRB, has in order to decertify a union. To even get on its way to decertification vote, 30% of the associates need to exhibit help for it to come about. Moreover if the company and the union reach a collective bargaining agreement or agreement, there can not be a vote to decertify a union in the initially three several years other than for a quite distinctive 30 day window. You will have a 30 day window in the 1st year to decertify a union…

So you ought to be absolutely positive you want a union to characterize you when you vote in the election. And if you have any doubt, we stimulate you to vote and we’re asking you to vote no.

To recap, we have 3 essential takeaways. With a union, phrases and circumstances of work will have to be negotiated in excellent religion before modifications can be produced. This is termed collective bargaining.

In negotiations there are no assures. Even though you may well have priorities that you want to see in the contract, the union and negotiating workforce has their priorities that may possibly be various from yours.

Typically, even if you vote against a union contract throughout the ratification, if it passes, it applies to everybody.

So make absolutely sure you vote. Make sure you go out and vote and we’re inquiring you to maintain our One particular Team marriage and we’re inquiring you to vote no.

Amazon employee: So you’re saying to vote no. So you are union busting. You are union busting. You’re telling the total course to vote no. No, I simply cannot. You are telling the entire course to vote no. So you’re union busting.

Eric: If you are likely to be disruptive then I’m going to request you to leave.

Amazon worker: So then question me to depart.

Eric: Remember to go away.

Amazon employee: All right.