Latonia’s feminine business owners make group

If you obtain by yourself at Ritte’s Corner, the strange five-way intersection in Covington’s Latonia neighborhood, consider a minute and seem at the storefronts that encompass you.

They offer materials and espresso, vintage armchairs and apparel. They are purveyors of splendor and wellness, background and design.

And they are predominantly owned by women.

10 female business owners (shortly to be 11) operate 13 businesses in the Latonia Business District.

And it is not a coincidence.

Billie Kegley and Chris Kidwell are the unofficial ringleaders of the team. Kegley owns the Roost Latonia, along with Mona Lisa’s Collections and an incubator, Blondielocks and the 3 Chairs. Kidwell opened her boutique, Community Studio 325, a year and a 50 % in the past.

“It’s the first setting the place I have felt rooted … and supported,” describes Kegley. “In just about every component.”