Are there reasonably priced password manager products and services and support for LibreOffice Author? | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Q: You typically advocate password supervisor solutions, and I have an understanding of the stability gains of these but have been reluctant to subscribe to one for three motives.

  • The price tag. I already fork out for world wide web, Television, streaming services, Microsoft Business, Norton safety, and so on. I’m not thrilled about introducing an additional compensated membership service. Are there responsible free of charge password supervisor companies? If so, can they be made use of with each Home windows and Apple iOS units? I have a mixture of the two. 
  • It appears to be like after you signal up for a password manager you can never get out of it. What comes about to your passwords if you ever want to halt the support or swap to a different company? I have extra than 200 web-site passwords. Would I at any time be capable to accessibility them all over again?
  • I could use the password manager services that comes with my Norton 360 membership, but that only addresses 5 products. I at this time have a few unprotected equipment. Wouldn’t every product I very own that accesses internet sites want the password supervisor assistance?

John Sprague, Bothell

A: The excellent information is that all the main world-wide-web browsers now supply password management so, no, you do not have to shell out for a password management support if all you want to do is to help save your passwords.

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And every single password supervisor that I’m mindful of — whether or not crafted into your browser or a separate application — lets you to export passwords so, of course, you can shift to a unique password manager.

So why fork out money for a 3rd-social gathering password supervisor? Many motives. Initially, I use several unique browsers and I really do not want to have to replicate all my passwords in every built-in password supervisor.

Next, I like the ability to assign emergency access to an additional human being in circumstance I’m disabled or worse. That way it’s not a tremendous soreness for my loved ones to accessibility my vital accounts.

3rd, I like to be ready to selectively share passwords with others.

Fourth, indeed, I never want these abilities tied to a plan that has boundaries on how lots of products are supported.

Last but not least, I like my password manager’s means to routinely crank out unique and sturdy passwords.

I use LastPass, but there are other systems available. All the password professionals I know of work on both of those Apple and Windows units.

Q: I produce working with LibreOffice Writer. In most cases it’s relatively properly behaved, with the exception of two bugs: One particular, it fails to obvious the clipboard so you can only minimize and paste text when. Only by completely closing the document and then reopening it will it very clear.

The most annoying bug, although, is its insistence on italicizing text unbidden. I use italics often for my scientific creating, but LibreOffice Writer will just arbitrarily start a new sentence in italics. You are consistently acquiring to unclick the “i” icon.

“Reporting a bug” is just about difficult, I am not a tech-geek so I really don’t understand all the steps LibreOffice requires to report a bug. Apparently, you have to compose the bug report in Ubuntu. I have no concept what that is.

I’m not the only 1 I have observed in my study that has this dilemma and throughout many updates and iterations of Low, the bug has been ignored.

Can you enable me determine out how to stop the unwelcome italicizing?

Michelle Blanchard, Olympia

A: I’m frightened which is the trade off. LibreOffice has a whole lot heading for it, setting up with the actuality that it’s offered for absolutely free. And it delivers file compatibility with other office suites these types of as Microsoft Business office. The suite is commonly perfectly regarded, however it does not score as higher as Microsoft Business office in any comparison opinions I’ve witnessed.

As for your particular complications working with LibreOffice, indeed, I have seen very similar reviews of unwelcome concerns with the suite’s clipboard and italicizing. And I’m worried I really don’t have a resolution for you.

There is no formal purchaser aid for LibreOffice. I can, on the other hand, propose that if you want to go on working with LibreOffice you may perhaps want to engage with other customers. Alternatively of seeking to build bug experiences you can chat with users and search FAQs right here: community-support/.